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Digital Transformation

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Consulting and training on digital transformation processes and tools that can be leveraged in many critical situations.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat “

~ Sun Tzu



We focus on Digital Transformation consulting from an Enterprise Architecture,  DevOps/DevSecOps, and Business Requirements  perspective.


We focus on Digital Transformation training  from an Enterprise Architecture,  DevOps/DevSecOps, and Business Requirements perspective.

Certified TOGAF and DevOps/DevSecOps trainer.


Research and Writing

We focus on Digital Transformation research and writing from an Enterprise Architecture,  DevOps/DevSecOps, and Business Requirements perspective.

What we do for you


Digital Transformation

A digital transformation consultant helps etch the technological change into a company’s culture by bringing behavioral modifications and improving compliance to achieve higher ROI on digital investments.


Enterprise Architecture

I am a firm believer in a disciplined enterprise architecture approach that is 100% in line with business needs both present and future, while using established best practices in the choicest way possible, approaching enterprise development transformation in a powerful and transparent way.

Strategy Management:  Capture, align, and accelerate strategic initiatives with a roadmap optimized to manage Risk & ROI.

Strategy Execution:  Build a “Foundation for Execution” (EA 1.0) by reducing complexity and risk to hasten competitive advantage.

Strategy Transformation:  Build a “Foundation for Innovation” (EA 2.0) with bimodal practices to invigorate disruptive innovation.



What Does a DevOps Consultant Do? DevOps is a set of practices and frameworks that are meant to streamline the development of software and systems. A DevOps consultant helps companies use these practices and tools to make the development process more efficient and cost-effective.


Tools for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation tools are any kind of software and technologies that helps to transform the business to increase productivity, revenue, capability, customer experience, and much more. For example, automating time-consuming manual tasks will improve operational excellence.

Training/Knowledge Transfer

Years of technical training and knowledge transfer experience in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Certified trainer in DevOps, DevSecOps, TOGAF 9, and more.


Research & Writing

A good researcher is curious, talented, knowledgeable, determined, and knows how to conduct and complete research projects. 

About Steve

Steve Force is a deeply experienced Enterprise Architect who cost-effectively consults in, influences, teaches, and leads digital transformation initiatives in any sized, any type of organization anywhere. He focuses on digital transformation processes and tools that can be leveraged in many critical situations. Steve has the experience, training, and passion to help you achieve your digital transformational objectives.

Let yourself return to being what you are best at, being business visionaries by relinquishing tactical work and embracing strategic work: letting go to gain control.

             -> Let Steve help you succeed.  <- 

Our Industries


Enterprise Architecture/Digital Transformation experience in many global high tech technology companies, in both the US and Europe. 


Enterprise Architecture/Digital Transformation experience in most US automobile manufacturers, most German, and a couple of Japanese. Manufacturing experience with OEM auto suppliers, precision machinery, well-known home/garden/industrial lawn and garden care machinery, and more.

Health Care/Health Insurance

Enterprise Architecture/Digital Transformation experience with many U.S./based health care payers, state government healthcare marketplace, and a major German University Medical Center. 


Enterprise Architecture/Digital Transformation experience in US and European Energy utilities. 


Steve is one of the most enthusiastic and hard working people that I have had the privilege of working. It was always a pleasure to interact with Steve. He also helped me in my job in many ways. I have fond memories of working with him..”

Durwin W.

Working with Steve Force at Microsoft was always a pleasure. Steve is a consummate professional – deeply skilled in his trade-craft, exceptionally focused on results, and always driven to prioritize his customers’ needs.” 

Gerry M.

Steve perfectly melds architectural best practices into project management methodologies in a way that complements both the project and the architectural initiatives. I highly recommend Steve as either a PM or an Architect!.”

Joga A.


Kayla S.


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