Need to learn? Steve offers numerous resources for learning how to use the Data-driven Enterprise Architecture effectively:


  • Take a class – Steve teaches several comprehensive workshops, training classes and bootcamps for executives, architects and developers. Delivered in-person and remotely.
  • Get the book – WIP
  • Learn the patterns – The patterns listed at …. is a valuable guide for using the Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture.
  • Decompose the Existing Architecture – Learn how to transform from as-is to a Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture
  • Avoid the potholes – Read about how to avoid the potholes of transformation
  • Read Steve’s blog – Read Steve Force’s blog, Blog
  • See some patterns – Check out


  • Ready to start using the Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture?
  • Define your architecture – Engage Steve to create a Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture adoption roadmap and help you define your Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture


Built a Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture? Assess your current Enterprise Architecture and identify what needs to be improved:

  • Get feedback – Engage Steve to conduct an architectural assessment.
  • Self-assessment – Conduct a self-assessment using the Enterprise Architecture Assessment Platform.

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