In addition to the consulting services and online learning resources we offer training classes that will enable you to successfully develop applications with the Data-driven Enterprise  Architecture.

There are two formats for the training classes:

  • Workshops – multi-day workshops consisting of lectures, discussions and exercises that are delivered either in person or via online video conferencing
  • Virtual bootcamps – self-paced, virtual bootcamps with mentoring and guidance from Steve Force.


  • Take a class – Steve teaches several comprehensive workshops, training classes and bootcamps for executives, architects and developers. Delivered in-person and remotely.
  • Get the book – WIP
  • Learn the patterns – The patterns listed at is a valuable guide for using the Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture.
  • Decompose the Existing Architecture – Learn how to transform from as-is to a Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture
  • Avoid the potholes – Read about how to avoid the potholes of transformation
  • Read Steve’s blog – Read Steve Force’s blog, Blog
  • See some patterns – Check out

What’s unique about these classes?

  • You benefit from Steve’s extensive real-world experience working with numerous clients around the world
  • These classes use a pattern-based approach, which emphasizes the trade-offs of choosing a particular approach and enables you to make better decisions
  • They focus on the most challenging aspects of the Data-driven Enterprise Architecture:
    • Deciding when to use Data-driven Enterprise Architecture
    • Service identification and definition
    • Migrating to a Data-driven Enterprise Architecture

Workshops for teams

The following workshop is available for corporate teams:

  • Hands on Data-driven Enterprise Architecture and design workshop (private, in-person, online, or blended online/self-paced). Through a series of architectural patterns you will create a Data-driven Enterprise Architecture. Appropriate for technology leaders, architects and developers using any language. We can also tailor private classes to your particular needs.

Virtual bootcamps for individuals and teams

Steve Force also offer self-paced, virtual bootcamps for individuals and teams.

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