IDR – FORCESight column aug 93


By Stephen Force

NaSPA, like the rest of us, is changing. Some of these changes are exciting, some stressful, but all of them interesting.

My name is Steve force, and I have been a practicing systems professional for 15 years. While working in Europe in 1989, I learned about NaSPA through Candle Corporation and subsequently joined. At the time, I was working as an MVS systems consultant, primarily on MVS systems with the JES3 subsystem, and thought it would be interesting to write an article comparing JES2 with JES3. I soon discovered writing an article was work. However, with the patient help of Tom Sprague and Amy Birschbach, the editors at Technical Enterprises, Inc., I soon discovered even I could write (it is amazing how people trained in journalism can spin silk from binder twine.)

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