FORCESight column – Dec 1993

Music to my Ears

By Stephen Force

This month I thought I would write about a subject that I find very interesting and that applies to computer techies like us: electronic music. It is applicable because in the future, chances are we will be getting more heavily involved with multimedia and teleconferencing within the enterprise.

Some musicians are technical wizards. Especially those who use electronic devices such as synthesizers and sequencers. I have a modest music studio that consists of an Ensoniq KS-32 weighted action MIDI studio (a piano-like keyboard synth), a Peavey MIDI-Bass guitar (yes, even my bass is a computer [what a geek]) and a PC-based music sequencer called Cakewalk for Windows. Also, I have a small (six input) Tascam mixer board, power amplifiers, a Peavey subwoofer and Yamaha studio monitor loudspeakers. For those of us who don’t know what all this stuff means, I’ll briefly explain.

MIDI is an acronym for musical instrument digital interface. A sequencer is in essence a digital music recorder and editor. Until the “digital age,” 16-track recordings were considered “state-of-the-art.” With the advent of digital, MIDI and the sequencer, 256-track recordings are now the norm.

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