Maintaining System and Data Availability on the Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) UNIX System

By Stephen Force


Data availability in a Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) UNIX system is just as important as in any other major operating system environment. Information systems professionals who have performed data management duties in the mainframe environment can directly apply much of their training, knowledge and experience to UNIX.

Much of the terminology is the same across operating systems. A full volume backup in SCO UNIX is the same as a full volume backup in MS-DOS, MVS, VM, Windows NT, etc. Incremental backups also compare favorably.

This article briefly describes how to install, implement and use data backup and recovery utilities provided by Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) Open Desktop (ODT) Release 3.0 (which is SCO UNIX V Release 3.2 Version 4.2). Even though this article describes how data are backed up and restored on SCO ODT, it applies to all SCO UNIX systems because all commands are character-based and do not require X Windows to work.

This article will explain data back up and restoration on the SCO UNIX system only. It will not cover all UNIX flavors, since they all differ in some way or..

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