When I read Enterprise Architect job posts, I see a lot of Hands-on Technology Requirements

I know this is disturbing to the pure-play Enterprise architecture community; however, when I see current Enterprise Architects job descriptions (JD) I see mainly technical, hands-on architecture with some EA thrown in for good measure. To me, the EA role has transformed into something other that Zachman, Spewak, Ross, Weil, Robertson, et al envisioned.

When I read many of the posts regarding EA on LinkedIn and articles about Enterprise Architecture, I still see where the focus is still on frameworks, artifacts,  BDAT, communications, business stakeholders as well as it should be; however, where is the connection to what I am seeing from these EA Job descriptions requiring technical chops?

Has the term “Enterprise Architect ” lost its meaning, or has it evolved into something else?

For those of us who came up through the Data Processing/Information Technology ranks, and having deep experience with technology –past, current, future– it isn’t a real stretch to meld pure-play EA best practices into technology-consumable deliverables. But how can we do this without cratering EA best practices?

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