Steve Force is a veteran IT Enterprise Architect practitioner that has done many of the IT jobs there are and for the past few years has specialized on applied Enterprise Architecture (EA). This means you don’t have to explain much to him—he has been there. Steve can help you by immediately turning your thoughts/vision/requirements into real EA artifacts you can immediately use. He can do this because he has the patterns and support pattern logic in his tool kit ready to use.

Steve is completely hands-on, working daily with docker containers, Python, Elasticsearch, Kibana, ELK Painless, Github/gitlab, patterns, Vega Visualization, Archimate, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, to name a few.

Don’t believe me? Try Steve’s toolkit for yourself – he is making some of it freely available to the open-source community—paying it back and forward as it were.

He is very selective on who he works with, giving these clients his complete attention in a very personalized, yet cost effective way.

Steve Force is highly cost effective, as you pay for his 40-plus years of experience and demonstrated results, not him learning on your dime.

Using a master mechanic analogy, he knows which screw to turn, which parameter to tweak, to diagnose quickly.

Check him out!

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